Belgrade don’t drown! Biggest protests in Belgrade since decades

by Djurdja Banicevic

A month and a half after the mysterious demolitions of residential buildings and business premises by masked men in the Savamala district of Belgrade, the initiative Ne Davimo Beograd schedules again a protest on Saturday, June 11. It continues to fight against the degradation and looting of Belgrade on behalf of megalomania urban architectural projects, primarily against the project “Belgrade on water”.

At a press conference, the Serbian Prime Minister – Aleksandar Vucic, under strong public pressure, has – at last – admitted that senior city officials are indeed behind the demolition in the Savamala district of Belgrade and said there will be legal and political consequences. Still waiting for the names of those who will be held responsible for the mentioned wrongdoings, the media speculates that the mayor of the City of Belgrade, Sinisa Mali, might resign.

belgrad protest 2

At the same time, the media close to the government is trying to discredit the protestors by launching unsustained accusations, labeling the protestors as “foreign mercaneries” plotting against the Prime Minister himself.
The protesters, however, remain firm in their beliefs and demands, stressing they will continue to fight until all those responsible resign and are brought to justice, adding that they demand new elections. Radomir Lazovic part of the collective Ministry of Space and activist of Ne davimo Beograd (Belgrade don’t drown) calls on on all of us to share their message and spread the word about what is going on in Belgrade these days: “With the support of the public, we will undoubtedly resist the shady politicians and investors and promote legal and transparent principles of development of the city; that way we will contribute to our society becoming more solidary, more just and more humane.”


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