The need of building a transnational media network in Europe

European Alternatives calls a European meeting of independent media producers to discuss synergies and craft a path towards an innovative transnational broadcast.


The pilot phase of Talk Real comes to an end with excellent results: in only six month we have produced 15 shows, 8 in English, 7 in Italian and 1 in Portuguese, 20 shorter clips with interviews and vox pops with citizens. We’ve had media coverage in Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Spain, United United Kingdom, Bulgaria, including screenings of two of our shows on television in Germany, Italy and Portugal. We’ve had 52.000 unique views online and more on TV plus over 310.000 minutes of content viewed. Thank you to all those who have helped us making it possible.

After this successful pilot phase, we want to take the next step towards creating an alternative media platform in Europe, able to speak and organise beyond national borders in what is still a primarily national media landscape.

Our goal is to galvanise a more informed and connected public sphere throughout Europe. We want Europeans to gain the confidence to act politically, socially and culturally for democratic change. In the United States, Democracy Now and AJ+ are two formats that particularly inspire us.

We have invited established and new partners to Berlin: openDemocracy, Eastern European journal, Spanish daily, Il Manifesto, ROAR magazine, Novara Media, Red Pepper / The Fix, CafeBabel, Change4all.

Over two days in Berlin (11-12 May) we will exchange best practices and set a common roadmap and plan of action. We invite everyone to participate online in the discussion by following on Twitter with the hashtag #AltMediaEurope and on Periscope on EA’s account.


Would you like to help us build another Europe?